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Saturday, October 21 | 4:15 PM - 6:30 PM

The Independent Picture House


Paloma Poster.jpg

2022 | Drama | Brazil, Portugal | 104 min | Portuguese with English subtitles

Age 18+

Director: Marcelo Gomes

Screenwriter(s): Marcelo Gomes, Armando Praça, Gustavo Campos

Cast: Kika Sena, Ridson Reis, Anita de Souza Macedo

Cinematographer: Pierre de Kerchove

Editor: Rita M. Pestana

Sound: Moabe Filho, Pedrinho Moreira, Elsa Ferreira, Branco Neskov

Synopsis: On a hot summer day, Paloma decides to fulfill her most cherished dream: a traditional wedding in a church with her boyfriend Zé. She is a devoted mother, a hard-working farmhand in a papaya plantation and has been saving to afford the celebration. The priest’s refusal to marry her and Zé will force Paloma to confront the rural society. She suffers violence, betrayal, prejudice and injustice but nothing shakes the faith and determination of this transgender woman.

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