One-Act Play Competition


FUERZAfest strives to be inclusive while breaking away from gender binarism. For that reason, the 2018 FUERZAfest Awards were selected in a groundbreaking way. In the category of Outstanding Performance in Acting, the winners were NOT selected by the gender identity of the performer (actor or actress). Instead, each judge was tasked with making their selection in this category by using the following criteria:


  1. Two outstanding performances in a leading role

  2. Two outstanding performances in a sporting role

  3. In each category, judges awarded performances according to the gender identity of the character (not the performer)

  4. For each category (leading and supporting) judges selected two performers portraying characters identified with different genders or lack thereof

  5. Gender identity of characters were identified by the company presenting the play. Each judge received a ballot with the name of the performer and gender identification of the character


Understanding that this was a bold step, we focused on making sure FuerzaFest honored as many diverse characters and their stories without being subjected to the oppressive binary cisgender framework that has silenced stories of queer people of color. But we also wanted to make clear that we thought long and hard about this groundbreaking step especially in the time of the female-led #metoo movement and their struggle for equal pay and visibility in at the workplace, especially in the arts world. Rather than being interpreted as exclusive, we hope that this new format demonstrates our desire to be more inclusive by recognizing the outstanding work of performers telling important stories of characters representing each letter in every color of the rainbow of our diverse Latinx community.

Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role 2019

Nicole Betancourt / Saben a mar
Character Gender: Female

Samuel Garnica/ La llamada de Lauren
Character Gender: Male

Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role 2018

Kairiana Núñez Santaliz / Tuya
Character Gender: Female

Christopher Cuevas / Mr.Mr. & Dr.Dr.
Character Gender: Male

Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role 2019

Gabe Callejas  / Buscando a Copi 
Character Gender: Male

George Ronis / Moderm Day Martyrdom
Character Gender: Non-Conforming

Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role 2018

Carlos Miranda / Las heridas del viento 
Character Gender: Male

Chris Rivera /Our Own Odyssey
Character Gender: Non-Binary

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