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Thursday, May 12  | 7PM 

Saturday, May 14  | 7PM



Written and Directed: Adriana Pantoja

Presented by Cuarzo Blanco, Inc.

Iván (70) and Denis (26) met through Buckle-up, a social media matchmaking application. It was Paquito’s idea to create a profile for his best friend Iván as a birthday gift. So among lies, truths and generational differences, “Zeus Volcánico” and “Fuego Violento” understood that they shared much more than their life experiences and their solitude.

Iván (70) y Denis (26) se conocen a través de la red social Buckle-Up, cuando el mejor amigo del primero, Paquito, decide hacerle un perfil como regalo de cumpleaños. Entre mentiras, verdades y choques generacionales, “Zeus Volcánico” y “Fuego Violento” comprenden que comparten mucho más que soledades y vivencias. 

Las Replicas.jpg

Las Réplicas

Written by Leo Cabranes-Grant

Directed by Mariana Quiles

Presented by Latinx Performance Ensemble


While Puerto Rico suffers the aftershocks produced by several earthquakes, a gay couple with a 7-year relationship faces the possibility of separating. Each man discovers how this relationship has changed them over time and, like the island, the limits of love and survival are questioned.


Mientras Puerto Rico sufre las réplicas producidas por varios terremotos, una pareja gay con 7 años de relación confronta la posibilidad de separarse. Cada hombre va descubriendo como esta relación los ha cambiado a través del tiempo y al igual que la isla se cuestionan los límites del amor y la supervivencia.


Friday, May 13  | 7PM 

Saturday, May 14  | 2PM

Las Martiras.jpg

Las Mártiras

Written by Pablo García Gámez

Directed by Fernando Vieira

Presented by Pablo García Gámez


Two *transvestites, Amapola and La Barroca, went on a search for their friend Lila Lamour who vanished suddenly. They later found out that Lila was a brutal victim of transphobia. So they decided to visit the cemetery to pay her homage. It is in that pilgrimage towards the cemetery that they come to terms with their own differences and strengthen their convictions. What unites them is stronger than what divides them.

Amapola y La Barroca, dos travestis, buscan a Lila Lamour que ha desaparecido. Luego de enterarse que su amiga ha fallecido víctima de la transfobia, van al cementerio a rendirle homenaje.  En ese viaje confrontan sus diferencias y refuerzan sus convicciones; más pesan los elementos que las unen que los que las distancian. 

*the use of the word transvestite is a direct translation of the original Spanish used in the script, which was written reflecting the time in what the story takes place and is used it today to honor the intention of the playwright, while acknowledging the use and connotation of the word in today's context is complicated at best and if used inappropriately can cause harm.

La Pietá.jpg

La Pietá

Written by Victor Vauban Junior

Directed by Victor Vauban Junior

Presented by “Bsou” Repertory Theater Company


Harlem, 1995. After a contentious divorce from her husband Louis, Alberta finds herself lost and hopeless with her younger son Pablo, a transgender youth, she doesn't understand. What happens when the maternal instinct succumbs to trauma and indoctrination? Will there still be room for love and acceptance? 

Harlem, 1995. Después de un divorcio contencioso de su esposo Louis, Alberta se encuentra perdida y desesperada con su hijo menor Pablo, un joven transgénero al que no entiende. ¿Qué sucede cuando el instinto maternal sucumbe al trauma y al adoctrinamiento? ¿Habrá espacio para el amor y la aceptación? 


Contact Stephen Calenzani, Vice President for Development  at 212.233.8955 ext. 124 or, and learn how your support can make the difference for Latinx LGBTQ+ artists.


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